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Environmental Initiatives

Belkorp Environmental Services Inc. has had a major presence in Waste Management since the early 1980’s. With the knowledge and experience gained through Wastech Service Ltd. our environmental services group is moving in exciting and innovative directions exploring opportunities to expand into businesses related to greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and equipment leasing.


Belkorp Environmental is developing new environmental business initiatives and operating TNRD Transfer Stations. Approval has recently been received for a new best in class landfill located in Cache Creek, BC.

Cache Creek Solid Waste Facility (OC #107189) – Amendments proposed by MOE posted for Public Comment

Campbell Hill Landfill

In partnership with the Village of Cache Creek and Belkorp Environmental Services, the Campbell Hill Landfill will provide environmentally-sound municipal solid waste disposal services on a commercial contract basis. Unique in design and operations, the landfill is committed to upholding the highest environmental standards, and is expected to open soon.

Website coming soon.


Wastech operated the Cache Creek Landfill and four large transfer stations under a 20 year agreement with Metro Vancouver which ended December 31, 2016. At its peak, Wastech was one of the largest privately-owned solid waste management companies in British Columbia. Today, Wastech, along with the Village of Cache Creek, is responsible for the post closure care and maintenance of the Cache Creek Landfill. Wastech also owns and operates a power plant which converts methane gas from the Landfill to electricity.

Visit Wastech.ca

AtSource Recycling Systems

AtSource is a leading supplier of waste & recycling solutions across Canada and the northwestern USA. We provide recycling equipment, balers and compactors via rental, lease or sale.

We are an environmentally conscious corporation with a commitment to reduce the negative impact of waste disposal on the environment. Our waste and recycling solutions provide immediate and long term environmental benefits through education, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and raw material reliance during original manufacturing.

We work independently of haulers or processors to avoid what are often opposing interests, giving our customers the flexibility of negotiating these services on their own or with other full services offerings. This flexibility ensures we work in the best interest of the customer by developing equipment solutions and recycling programs which maximize all opportunities.

Visit Atsource.ca