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Belkorp Environmental Services Inc. has had a major presence in Waste Management since the early 1980’s. With the knowledge and experience gained through Wastech our environmental services group is moving in exciting and innovative directions exploring opportunities to expand into businesses related to greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and equipment leasing.

Current News

 27-Oct-14    - A new analysis of Metro Vancouver’s business case for a proposed second
                  waste incinerator finds estimated costs could be off by $806 million to $1.3
                  billion. In its report, ICF International identifies a number of errors and incorrect
                  economic and engineering assumptions which could result in a total project cost
                  of $1.8 billion to $2.3 billion, a range which is more than 80% greater than Metro
                  Vancouver’s business case estimation of $1 billion.

                  news release:

17-Feb-14    - NextUse Recycling Ltd. (“NextUse”), a Belkorp group company, today
                  announced it has applied to Metro Vancouver for a license to build and operate
                  a $30 million material recovery and recycling facility. The license application
                  is supported by the City of Coquitlam which has endorsed the NextUse
                  project as a smart, progressive approach to
waste management.

 20-Jan-14    - Belkorp Environmental Services Inc. (“Belkorp”) today announced that
                  it plans to invest approximately $30 million to develop a 260,000 tonne
                  capacity advanced material recovery and recycling facility in Coquitlam.

17-Jan-13   - Operators of the proposed Cache Creek Landfill Extension see a bright
                 future for BC Interior 
communities following approvals from the BC Ministry 
                 of Environment and the Thompson-Nicola Regional District to provide safe
                 disposal of municipal solid waste that cannot be recycled or composted

4-Mar-11    - On February 18, the BC Court of Appeal released its decision on an appeal
                 by the Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council (NNTC) relating to the Cache Creek
                 Landfill Extension.

29-Nov-10 - Belkorp Environmental Services Inc launches consultation with TNRD residents 
                 on proposed amendment to have the Cache Creek Landfill Extension included in
                 the regional solid waste management plan. The engagement process closes
                 March 15, 2011


23-Jun-10  - KPMG Comments on MV Response to Issues Raised by FVRD 

3-Jun-10  - Open letter to Members of the British Columbia Legislature 

14-May-10  - Letter Report – SRMG - "Scientific feedback to Metro Vancouver's 
                 Interpretation and response to SRMG's research findings” 

May-10       - Factsheet - Belkorp - "Cache Creek Landfill - Key Facts and Figures" 

13-May-10  - Letter Report – KPMG - "Municipal Solid Waste Disposal in Metro Vancouver
                 Cost Comparison” 

9-Mar-10    - Letter Report – SRMG - "estimates of emissions in the Fraser Valley from
                 transport of MSW between Vancouver and an out-of-region landfill” 

18-Feb-10   - Letter Report – SRMG - "Performance criteria estimates for an in-region
                  waste-to-energy facility and an out-of-region landfill” 

26-Jan-10   - Letter Report – KPMG - "Metro Vancouver’s Draft Solid Waste
                 Management Plan”

6-Jan-10    - News Release - BC Ministry of Environment - "Cache Creek Landfill Extension
                   Project Approved"

14-Sept-09 - News Release - Belkorp - “Survey Finds 93% Believe Metro Vancouver’s
                Zero Waste Goal Falls Short”

31-Aug-09 - News Release - Wastech - "BC Ministry of Environment Approves Seven Hectare
                Annex to the Cache Creek Landfill"

23-Jul-09 - "Zero Waste Strategy LCA Results"
                Presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Morris for Vancouver Board of Trade

23-Jul-09 - "Business and Financial Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Management
                in Greater Vancouver"
                Presentation by Paul Levelton, KPMG, for Vancouver Board of Trade

25-Jun-09 - News Release - Dr. Jeffrey Morris Report

25-Jun-09 - Report by Dr. Jeffrey Morris  

25-Jun-09 - Dr. Jeffrey Morris Study Facts Sheet

24-Jun-09 - AMEC - Cache Creek Landfill Report



Wastech is one of the largest privately-owned solid waste management companies in British Columbia, handling municipal waste on behalf of the Greater Vancouver Regional District at four transfer stations in the Greater Vancouver area and a landfill in Cache Creek British Columbia.

AtSource Recycling Systems

AtSource Recycling Systems Inc. is a leading supplier of waste & recycling solutions across Canada.  We provide recycling equipment, balers and compactors via rental, lease or sale.

We are an environmentally conscious corporation with a commitment to reduce the negative impact of waste disposal on the environment.

Our waste and recycling solutions provide immediate and long term environmental benefits through education, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and raw material reliance during original manufacturing.

We work independently of haulers or processors to avoid what are often opposing interests, giving our customers the flexibility of negotiating these services on their own or with other full services offerings.

This flexibility ensures we work in the best interest of the customer by developing equipment solutions and recycling programs which maximize all opportunities.

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